3 Tips On How To Pick Up Women Online

3 Tips On How To Pick Up Women Online

December 11, 2022 Uncategorized 0

It is not hard to pick up women online. 

I am going to give you 3 sure fire tips on how to pick women up online. When you visit online dating sites like www.girlsnearmedating.com and even facebook.com to name a few you have to be proactive as a man. Here are the 3 tips.

Contact as many women as possible. 

The reason you want to do this is because the women on these online dating sites receive a lot of flirts and emails from a lot of men. You have to keep on contacting them and you will have a chance of getting through. I used to think some of these women were not interested in me because they did not respond but I found out from quite a few of them that it is just the sheer amount of email and flirts they are getting that makes it almost impossible to read let alone respond to. So if you see a beautiful girl that you like in an online dating site, just keep on contacting her if you have time to do that because it may pay off.

Keep track of the response you get when contacting a girl on an online dating site. 

So if you send out a few winks on match.com keep track of what happens the next few days. If you email some girls on girlsnearmedating.com take not of what happens a few days later. If you are sending pokes on facebook.com do the same thing. Basically you are going to track everything because different things work on different online dating sites. You need to take note of what works on each dating site.

Call the woman to action. 

If she responds to you wink, flirt, poke or email, you need to send her your number as ask her for her phone number. You are not on an online dating site to find pen pals. Exchange numbers with the girl immediate. So there you have it 3 tips on how to pick women up online. You have to contact a lot of them, take not of your results on each online dating site and finally call the women to action. Women for the most part do not volunteer nothing even. You can get what you ask for, so always ask them for the number and you will do fine in online dating.